meet the founders

Guilt Free Eats is Edmonton’s only 100% gluten-free and plant-based food truck, where healthy eating is our guarantee!

This truck was inspired and started by us- husband and wife duo, Charles and Brianne Roberge – as we were tired of not having healthy options available at any of events we went too. Our passion for healthy eating is built on a few different factors.

Roughly 7 years ago when Brianne was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, our entire view of nutrition and eating changed. Going through the process of healing and following a strict gluten-free diet was challenging then, and still remains a challenge today! Finding 100% gluten-free options with no risk of cross-contamination is tough, especially when out at events. For this reason, we are proud to be able to bring a celiac safe eating option wherever we go.

We’ve also been following a whole foods plant-based lifestyle for three years now- which has offered an incredible transformation in our health. Eating more plants is always a great option for anyone, and we hope that our diverse menu options encourage both vegans and meat-eaters to try something new!

Our choice for as much local and organic ingredients possible is one that we are most proud of, as well as our 100% compostable containers and utensils. We want to ensure that you feel good with both your choice to eat our food and what you eat it out of.

All of these decisions with our food truck came easily, as Brianne is both a Registered Nurse and Holistic Nutrition Coach with an immense passion for all things health and wellness. Her happy place is being in the kitchen creating new healthy recipes or educating on nutrition. In fact, a lot of the items we will be offering in our truck are the very things that we eat in our own home on a regular basis.

Our core belief is that eating healthy shouldn’t be hard or expensive, and it should be accessible to everyone. We are proud, excited and ready to serve Edmonton, AB and surrounding area starting in June 2020.

Guilt Free Eats Edmonton